Our Chapters Ancestors

Pvt. Andrew Jackson Penny Company C, 5th Regiment TN. Infantry
Pvt. George W. McFalls Company B, 2nd Regiment TN. Vol. Infantry
Pvt. Levi Green Company G, 30th KY. Infantry
Lt. James D. Porter Company D, 5th Regiment TN. Mounted Infantry
Pvt. John Webb Company C, 1st Regiment TN & AL Vidette Cavalry
Pvt. Ansel Bandy Company H, 3rd Regiment TN. Cavalry
Pvt. Melvin Porter Long Company F, 3rd Regiment TN. Cavalry
Pvt. Elijah Milam Morse Company F, 49th Mass. Infantry Militia
Pvt. William A. Iles Company I, 2nd Regiment of East TN. Infantry
Pvt. Franklin A. Holt Company E, 5th Regiment TN. Vol. Infantry
Pvt. William A. Joyce Company E, 6th REgiment US Vol. Infantry GA.
Pvt. Abner N. McGee aka James B. Brown Company A, 2nd & 4th Regiments US Vol. Infantry
James Tranbarger
Joseph H. Rush
Alexander W. Taylor
John W. Wilt
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